A strong blue jacket 781 1024 Diego M

A strong blue jacket

As strong as the DIEGO M blue jacket!
The blue blends with the glossy fabric. The result is this duvet, which surprises with its unique details, such as detachable sleeves and knitted cuffs.
As seen on In Style Russia.


White soft jacket 781 1024 Diego M

White soft jacket

The reversible, white soft jacket by DIEGO M is one of the protagonists of this awesome style array suggested by Goodhousekeeping Russia.


Stylish and sophisticated 680 905 Diego M

Stylish and sophisticated

Stylish and sophisticated as it can be only with the DIEGO M eco furry jacket!
As seen on In Style Russia.

Anna Churina 921 917 Diego M

Anna Churina

What about starting the new year on the seaside with a warm DIEGO M sheepskin coat as the beautiful Russian actress Anna Churina? ✔️Done!

Smile to life 758 1024 Diego M

Smile to life

Smile to life. And the life will smile back to you! Even more with a DIEGO M super soft jacket ­čśë

As seen on Glamour Russia




Flying away 785 1024 Diego M

Flying away

Flying away from 2021 with the DIEGO M super soft jacket.

As seen on Elle Russia.



After-christmas melancony 803 1024 Diego M

After-christmas melancony

After-christmas melancony seen on Cosmopolitan Russia

The DIEGO M shearling reversible coat looks perfectly cozy for the festive season!



Happy Holidays 746 1024 Diego M

Happy Holidays

Manuela, Diego and all of us at DIEGO M wish you Happy Holidays.

May the new year bring joy and everything 2021 didn’t!



The golden age 753 1024 Diego M

The golden age

The Golden Age as seen by Simone Guidarelli on Vanity Fair Italy.

The DIEGO M soft reversible jacket in curly wool perfectly fits all ages!


Liasan Nutiasheva 338 598 Diego M

Liasan Nutiasheva

For the arrival of cold winter, top Russian actress Liasan Nutiasheva chose a reversible down jacket with a fur collar. Sophisticated design, very warm micro-down padding and many possibilities to transform it thanks to the typical hinges of the DIEGO M style: a perfect garment for winter days!

Małgorzata Kożuchowska 768 1024 Diego M

Małgorzata Kożuchowska

Polish actress Ma┼égorzata Ko┼╝uchowska┬áshines in the DIEGO M must-have jacket. Get ready and let’s go out together!



Must have of 2021/22 winter season 785 1024 Diego M

Must have of 2021/22 winter season

Must have of 2021/22, the DIEGO M brand new jacket.
Thanks to the stylist Silvia Masciale and Io Donna magazine for the beautiful interpretation!


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