Into the Wild 753 1024 Diego M

Into the Wild

Wool and alpaca bland make this embracing coat by DIEGO M perfect for a quick escape into the wild. From the pages of Glamour Italy – September Issue.
Il sapiente mix di lana ed alpaca rendono questo cappotto avvolgente di DIEGO M perfetto per una fuga nella natura incontaminata. Dalle pagine di Glamour di Settembre


Front and Back 786 1024 Diego M

Front and Back

This gorgeous puffer by DIEGO M is super cozy, super soft and so trendy you can wear it on front and back and still you’ll be spot on! From the pages of Elle Russia – September issue




Saint Tropisme 662 877 Diego M

Saint Tropisme

L’Officiel France, in this shot called “Saint tropisme” shows a casual combination for the fabulous tricolor shearling cape by DIEGO M. We picture it as s a sunny yet cold afternoon in Saint Tropez and we love the stripes of ice, orange and brown perfectly styled with a pair of jeans and boots to chill out admiring the sunset.


Tra Cielo e Terra 740 1024 Diego M

Tra Cielo e Terra

Glamour di Agosto dedica questo scatto, tra cielo e terra, all’originale piumino DIEGO M dal taglio trapezoidale. Con questo tono di giallo così intenso è pronto a scaldare le prime giornate fredde d’autunno.

Glamour Italy, August Issue, dedicates this shot, between sky and earth, to the original DIEGO M duvet jacket with a trapezoidal cut. With its intense yellow hue, it’s ready to warm up the first cold days of the upcoming Autumn.



Embracing 748 1024 Diego M


It’s gorgeous, it’s warm, it’s embracing.. this amazing wool coat with furry texture by DIEGO M is just the perfect companion to start the new season approaching, and we love it already! From the pages of Marie Claire Italy – August Issue.

E’ splendido, è caldo ed è un soffice abbraccio. Questo stupendo caban di lana effetto pelliccia di DIEGO M è semplicemente il compagno perfetto per accogliere la stagione in arrivo e qui già tutti lo adoriamo! Dalle pagine di Marie Claire di Agosto.




A Serbian Waltz 902 1024 Diego M

A Serbian Waltz

Il primo scatto della stagione lo dedica Icon (Panorama) di Agosto, intitolato “A serbian waltz”. Protagonista indiscusso è il morbidissimo giaccone in montone tappato con inserti in piumino DIEGO M. E’ già il capo più amato ed il più versatile della nuova collezione uomo FW19-20.

The first shot of the season comes from the pages of Icon (Panorama) Italy – August Issue, called “A serbian waltz”. No doubt about the fact that the protagonist here is the super soft shearling jacket with duvet insertions by DIEGO M. It’s already the most versatile yet loved piece of the FW19/20 men’s collection.




New Fall/Winter 2019/20 773 1024 Diego M

New Fall/Winter 2019/20

The new Fall/Winter 2019/20 season is approaching as we’re thrilled to christen it with this great interview on Harper’s Bazaar Russia, August Issue. Read all about Diego’s point of views of modern fashion and what inspired him to create the wonderful DIEGO M FW19-20 Collection.



Summertime 789 1024 Diego M


Summertime is almost over but don’t be sad, it just means that duvet and coats season is about to start and we can’t wait for it! Meanwhile enjoy this shot of the super fashion light and short duvet jacket with organza stripes by DIEGO M, to cheer the sunny season with style. From the pages of Zwierciadło – August Issue



Rainy Days 789 1024 Diego M

Rainy Days

To face the rainy days of this crazy summer, Men’s Health Russia proposes the long shiny coat by DIEGO M. The “seaweed” effect of this fabric is perfect to make rain slip away and be bright and shine as a fairytale knight!



Urban Rodeo 796 1024 Diego M

Urban Rodeo

Elle Italia di questa settimana dedica un focus sul trend Urban Rodeo, ed il protagonista non poteva che essere uno splendido capo DIEGO M. Ed ecco che la morbidissima camicia in nappa viene proposta per un look da cowgirl di città e non possiamo che amare questo look! La versatilità di questa camicia la rende perfetta per ogni look, dal più formale al più sbarazzino ed ora lo troviamo “tra il gipsy ed il bohémienne”

Elle Italy this week dedicates a focus on the Urban Rodeo trend and spotlights go to? A DIEGO M creation of course! There it is, once again, the super soft button down shirt proposed to complete a urban cowgirl look and we already love it! This shirt is so versatile that it fits perfectly on every look from the most dressy to the breezy one and now  also between “gipsy and bohémienne”



Work with Style 786 1024 Diego M

Work with Style

Diego always says that “DIEGO M Man is someone who works and needs practical garments” and this shot on Elle Russia – August Issue, shows exactly how to work with style!
Just toss on this gorgeous reversible leather bomber on your work outfit and you’re good to go! Practical yet fashionable..



Waterfront 788 1024 Diego M


Being glamorous on the waterfront is a must and these great creations by DIEGO M make it so easy to accomplish! Check out this gorgeous leafy bomber in jacquard fabric, with its natural shades is so harmonious with the sand. Want to spark things up? Just wear the water green technical fabric jacket, super light and colorful. It sets up the beach mood right away! From the pages of Cosmopolitan Russia – August Issue





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