Second Skin 748 1024 Diego M

Second Skin

Gala Poland of this week portraits the Second Skin effect of the super soft nappa button down shirt by DIEGO M. This red version is perfect to complete an off-white look for a city break during the summer.


Cut Out 313 474 Diego M

Cut Out

Glamour Poland – August Issue, dedicates this great shot of the cut out short sleeves jacket by DIEGO M. Made in a super soft nappa, with intriguing cuts and slits and adorned by the unmissable zippers, this jacket is perfect for a very hot Summer look.


Power Bank 789 1024 Diego M

Power Bank

Manuela Bortolameolli, the “M” of the brand, talks about power dressing and self empowerment in this gorgeous “Power Bank” interview on Marie Claire Russia – July Issue. Read all about DIEGO M history, fashion advices and her personal point of view on the trendiest topics.



Layering up 747 1024 Diego M

Layering up

When the Summer weather gets unstable and a few clouds pop out, the most fashionable way to face it is layering up. Polish magazine Wysokie Obcasy Extra – July Issue – suggests a creative way to do it with the asymmetric cut unlined coat by DIEGO M, creating a stunning outfit!


Here Comes the Sun 767 1024 Diego M

Here Comes the Sun least at some point the sun will eventually come out, and we’ll be ready to sing along: “Here comes the Sun” wearing the perfect outfit based on its enlighten shades of orange as the super glamorous bomber jacket in light technical fabric by DIEGO M. Enriched by juicy orange stripes of soft leather and a touch of violet to kick clouds away. From the pages of Io Donna of this week.


DIEGO M w Twoim Stylu 745 1024 Diego M

DIEGO M w Twoim Stylu

Read Diego and Manuela’s interview on Twój Styl – June issue, and discover more about the inspirations behind the Spring / Summer collection by DIEGO M



I colori della terra 776 1024 Diego M

I colori della terra

Caldi, avvolgenti e decisamente di tendenza in questa stagione, i colori della terra completano sempre con stile ogni look.
Io Donna di questa settimana interpreta questo trend grazie al terroso color mattone del blouson di morbida nappa DIEGO M.

Warm, embracing and absolutely a must have of the season, earth colors complete with style every look. Io Donna of this week follows this trend with the earthy-warm brick orange color of the super soft leather blouson by DIEGO M.




The Vogue Russia Interview 790 1024 Diego M

The Vogue Russia Interview

Paris, Parkas and so much more! Read the “behind the scenes” of the DIEGO M collection in this interview on Vogue Russia – May Issue, where Manuela Bortolameolli reveals what is like to work with a creative husband like Diego Mazzi.

Read the full interview here.






Alessandra Ambrosio’s Urban Style 776 1024 Diego M

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Urban Style

Elle Italy this week dedicates a piece to Alessandra Ambrosio‘s Urban Style with a compilation of the most trendy styles the gorgeous top model loves. Unsurprisingly, one of those includes the gritty and versatile soft leather bomber jacket with suede insertions by DIEGO M, to compete a sharp black look. We love it! Don’t you?



Flowers are always in Vogue 773 1024 Diego M

Flowers are always in Vogue

Although the news was alleged to be “Groundbreaking”  (and you know which movie we’re quoting here 🙂 )  in Spring, Flowers ARE always in vogue and on its pages too! There they are, on a gorgeous and reversible coat by DIEGO M, in a shiny jacquard pattern, on the pages of (guess what) Vogue Russia.



UNDERWATER 755 1024 Diego M


For sure it’s raining a lot these days and maybe this inspired the Underwater shot on GQ Mexico – April Issue.
As a matter of fact, here we named the fabric of this super cool and shiny Duster with shirt collar by DIEGO M, “Seaweed”.. and it seems to be true on so many levels!



Spring Sunset 730 1024 Diego M

Spring Sunset

Elle Poland  – April issue, dedicates this shot to the magic of the Spring Sunset. Check out this amazing coat by DIEGO M, with its charming jacquard tartan fabric, how it blends perfectly in this relaxing mood, ready to chill out at the end the day.


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